Connection and Safety

Let me tell you a story.


It was a beautiful early spring day. I stepped outside on sacred protected land. I took a deep breath taking in the sunshine the breeze and the beauty of the mountains and a family of deer..

They were watching me as closely as I was watching them. There eyes were big and bright. Their noses twitching which drew me even closer. They were cautions but not afraid. I kneeled down, with my hand outstretched and started speaking to them.

A couple deer approached, looking for food. Others watched with uncertainty as a gentleman approached me and brought apple slices. A couple deer approached me and started eating out of my hand. While the other deer were getting closer and closer, their ambivalence demising. 

Within moments we connected. Wildlife and a stranger brought together by a moment of mindful presence and their need to feel safe. 

Everyone has a need to feel safe.